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Knight Security

Security cameras alerts management. Accesses every camera’s information and supervises its maintenance.

About the project

About the project

The problem

The client had in place an internal platform which was difficult to use, outdated and lacking information architecture.


Redesigning a very complex platform operated by engineers, making it user friendly enough to be sold as a service along with the security cameras for the clients to monitorize their own cameras - SaaS.

The process

It was necessary to visit the client headquarters in Austin, Texas. For a deeper understanding of the problem we performed workshops with users of the platform, which were mostly engineers of the company, to understand their needs and have an extensive knowledge of the product.

We created user flows with the Knight Security team, mapped the entire platform and did some sketches of the screens.

Once we closed the process of analyzing the product we progressed to production process. I worked close to the developers, project managers and stakeholders to solve all the problems along the way and deliver a better product. The whole process took around 8 months.


The information architecture of the platform was restructured and new areas were created, such as the dashboard and the user’s activity log, that supports users with different levels of permissions.

The client seemed very satisfied and could progress with the business goal which was selling and end-to-end CCTV solution.

About the platform

About the platform

• Controls every security camera on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.
• Monitors the security cameras and alerts for errors
• Adds security cameras to the system, locates them and tracks their status
• Supervises and manages users’ activities within the platform

 Project developed in  Bliss Applications  for  Knight Security Systems